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    Princess Prem (Ngarmchita) Purachatra The World's Eminent Person in 2015

    Princess Prem (Ngarmchit) Purachatra, on the occasion of her Centennial Birth Anniversary in 2015, was honorably announced to be the World's Eminent Person by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO for her notable dedication in social welfare, human resource development, community development as well as in education and cultural sectors. This recognition has brought great fame, happiness and honor to Thai women, Thai people and the nation.
    Princess Prem (Ngarmchita) Purachatra, the princess consort to H.H. Prince Prem Purachatra, had contributed greatly to the country. She was the first and only Thai woman, and the second Asian woman leader ever to be elected President of the International Council of Women. She was also a board member of the International Fund of UNESCO. Her dedications helped support mutual understanding among countries, strengthen relationship among people and contributed to peace in the world. With her nature of being a dedicated person in social and public welfare and a social and education developer, she was acclaimed a woman leader of vision. She had initiated a large number of charitable projects at an international level more than 60 years ago. All her efforts and achievements in social welfare and public services not only contributed to support the work of the Royal Thai Government but also were deemed as necessary and suitable to the current situations of the Thai society. All these years, her accomplishments have served to develop individuals, society, and the country as a whole.
    Princess Prem (Ngarmchita) Purachatra has been and continues to be a role-model and an inspiration to Thai women from generation to generation and to all other people as well in personal development to increase self-value, hard work and dedication, self-improvement to meet an international standard, and to live one’s life as Princess Prem (Ngarmchita) did with moral responsibility to uphold peace and stability of the nation, religion and the king.