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  • 100th anniversary of the birth of Princess Prem (Ngarmchit) Purachatra (1915-2015)
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    A. Information concerning the personality to be commemorated
    1. Family name ....... Purachatra
    First name .......... Princess Prem (Ngarmchit)
    2. Born 7 June 1915 Died 18 October 1983
    3. Field of activities
    Social Welfare , Human Development , Community Development , Culture Education
    4. Brief description of the personality and of the most important works
    4.1 Biography
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) Purachatra is the second child of Lieutenant General Phra Sarasas Palakant. She attended elementary school at Jane Hays Memorial School in Bangkok. Her secondary education was at Wattana Wittaya Academy where she graduated in the Mathayom 8 grade. Princess Ngarmchit then furthered her study in France, as her father served as a civil servant in the Thai embassy there. She studied Pharmacy at Sorbonne University – one of the world’s ten oldest and most prestigious universities. At the third year, she withdrew from the university and became an apprentice at a pharmacy for a year. In 1909, she returned to Thailand because of World War II.
                 At the age of 25, Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) married Prince Prem Purachatra in 1910. Her husband was a lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, Chulalongkorn University. He was also a guest lecturer at Thammasat University and Silpakorn University. Prince Prem Purachatra published many articles in Thailand’s English newspapers on a regular basis.
                 With a patriotic heart, religious, and monarchy, the couple launched a weekly English newspaper “Standard” to promote the understanding of Thailand among the international community. The newspaper was to introduce Thailand and Thai culture to foreigners, as well as to accurately inform them of domestic events and updates. Princess Prem (Ngarmchit) was the newspaper’s editor.
                 Since 1968, Prince Prem Purachatra had been appointed a Thai Ambassador to various countries, including India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Denmark and Norway. As Princess Prem (Ngarmchit) accompanied her husband abroad, “Standard” had to stop its circulation. It is more than 20 years that she was the editor of this newspaper.
                 When the Indochina Wars broke out in 1943, Princess Prem (Ngarmchit) offered herself in service of the Red Cross Volunteer. Not expecting anything in return, she was responsible for recruiting and training relief workers. She had always assisted Thai Red Cross’s activities since then, both in peacetime and in emergency. Even with her ill-health condition, Princess Prem (Ngarmchit) willingly and sacrificially worked for the Red Cross Volunteer. However, her health turned out not to be an impediment for social works. Princess Prem (Ngarmchit) stated her heartfelt belief that “true happiness comes from giving, especially from making others happy”.
                 From the start of Princess Prem(Ngarmchit)’s social works in 1943, her contribution to the society began to expand. In 1959, she was elected president of the National Council of Women of Thailand. She supported and expanded works of the council, promoting women’s more important role and status in Thai society. From the mere follower of men, Thai women began playing a leading role in Thai society as same as men.
                 With her outstanding role in uniting the network of women organizations as a driving force for charity works, Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) was elected president of the International Council of Women during the years 1976 – 1979. She is the first and only Thai woman, and the second Asian ever elected to the position.
                 The fact that Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) was elected as a leader of international women was owing to her understanding for fellow humans and graceful yet humble personality. She is able to communicate in English, French, and Spanish, thus being able to handle international conferences well. She possessed deep knowledge in women’s role and education, especially understanding in the life of rural women, assistance to the disadvantaged, agricultural development, and human security. Her works were acknowledged by the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations.
                 As the leader of international women, one of Princess Prem(Ngarmchit)’s missions was the founding of Asian Handicraft Promotion and Development Association, in order to promote handicraft products and to improve rural women’s quality of life in Asian countries for their career security and self-reliability.
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit’)s another contribution was her collaboration with representatives of international women in hosting a conference and local handicrafts competition in Thailand. The Conex’81 (International Crafts Conference and Exhibition 1981 Under the Royal Patronage of T.H. the King and the Queen of Thailand) was the joining forces of women and representatives of rural people from 85 countries. The conference was held under the royal patronage of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Thailand.
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) was the founder and advisor of more than 20 charity organizations working on relief for the poor, rural development, and education. These prestigious organizations include the Social Welfare Council of Thailand, Thai Handicapped Children Foundation, The Foundation of the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded of Thailand and The Foundation for Rural Development Co-ordinating Center.
                 The last organization Princess Prem (Ngarmchit) founded is the Ruamchit Nomklao Foundation for the Youth, under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen. The Foundation was founded in 1982 to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Bangkok. The main objective of the foundation is to join forces among various organizations in expressing loyalty to His Majesty the King by helping the poor youth nationwide for education opportunity, teaching them to become men of quality and moral values, instilling in them loyalty to the nation, religion, and monarchy, in the hope that one day they will contribute to Thai people, society, and nation.
                 The Ruamchit Nomklao Foundation provides scholarships for poor youth’s education in the formal and non-formal education systems. The foundation has extended education assistance in all levels, ranging from the pre-elementary level to tertiary education. The foundation also provides scholarships for young boys who want to ordain as novices – the so-called “religious heirs” of Thai Buddhism. The funding will support their Dharma and Pali studies, in order to culture the pious transmitters of Buddhism of whom shall strive for permanence of the religion.
                 Princess Prem (Ngarmchit)’s watchwords as written in her autobiography dated December, 1967 reads; “A person, or oneself in particular is non-permanent. The organization we are working for is the most important. We need to lay a secure foundation for its sustainability. We must let people who understand to join us as much as possible. Thus, we must please others. One needs to learn new things at all times, because we know that the unlearned lives as if he is dead already. We must strive to protect other’s goodness, so as to encourage them in working for charity organizations. Try to observe one’s own fault. Improve oneself to get along with others. Do not change others for your convenience, it is impossible.”
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) had been true to her written words for all of her life. She lived a life of a giver, giving love and well wishes to others. She provided useful counsel for work and living, insisting that we must not be downhearted. With her positive thinking and excellent skill in interpersonal relations, she was able to work with everyone. Princess Ngarmchit was indeed a magnet that attracted people from all walks of life to work together for Thai people, society, and the country. She is a unique person and role model for women and the general public.
    4.2 Most Important Works
    The most important works of Princess Prem(Ngarmchit)’s life can be summed up as follows:
                 (1) She is a true scholar and enthusiast of knowledge. Princess Prem(Ngarmchit strongly believes in the life-long education which holds that one’s learning does not stop when finishing school. As a zealous learner, she possesses in-depth understandings and a wide variety of knowledge in different subjects. As a result, she was able to draw upon her accumulated wisdom in social works. This made her projects successful and beneficial to the society.
                 (2) As an ideal journalist, The Princess performed as the editor for the Standard Weekly – weekly English newspaper, aiming to provide knowledge to Thais over 20 years without making profit.
                 It was not easy to work at Standard Newspaper as the editor due to numerous obstacles at that time especially financial difficulty. Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) started the printing house business with 1.80 Baht (Thai currency) as a registration fee. At the beginning, the paper, as a raw material, had to be purchased under the credit condition. Payment for advertising must be paid one month in advance. After 1 week of publication on sale, it allowed her to earn money to pay back paper materials which was not yet paid in the past 6 months and it also required to set aside the certain amount for 6 months ahead.
                 Such hardwork, sacrifice and honesty, she was upholding the strong determination to provide knowledge with accurate news and information to Thais. As a result, it moved forward the Standard Newspaper to the very valuable and trustworthy newspaper allowing smooth performance of the business more than 20 years.
                 Therefore, Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) unquestionably became the idealistic journalist delivering accurate information and understanding, thoughtful comment and creative suggestion to all Thai youngsters.
                 (3) Women leader at National and International level
                 One of the most important works of Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) is to serve as a Chairwomen of the National Women Council– a women national leader and also the President of International Council to the extent of all global female leader.
                 As a national women leader, she profoundly promoted the status of Thai woman to be more recognized and widely accepted by the society. This includes the arrangement of various activities to promote women’s education and work performance in order to enhance standard of women’s living, participation in the society and also contribution to the nation which is equal to the status of men. Thus, it is clear that for the time being the women’s roles are widely accepted and women become leaders in various positions … , politically, economically and socially.
                 (4) Idealistic volunteer
                 One of the most outstanding works of Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) is to act as a volunteer with idealism and self- sacrifice making meaningful contribution and deliverable charity purposes to various non-profit or public organizations.
                 She devoted herself to promote social welfare, better education, rural development with strong determination, devotion without exhaustion and any return. Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) initiated voluntary work at the Thai Red Cross Society, and founded as well as managed over 20 charitable organizations. As well, she played a vital role in management and operational department in other public organizations that Princess involved and initiated until they developed, sustained and grown. These organizations are beneficial to the welfare of the general public, society, and the nation as a whole. Those organizations are still operating for the common people:
                 1. The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand under the Royal Patronage.
                 2. Foundation for the Welfare of the Crippled under the Royal Patronage of Her Royal Highness The Princess Mother.
                 3. The Foundation for the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded of Thailand under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen.
                 4. The Foundation For Rural Development Coordinating Center
                 5. Ruamchit Normklao Foundation for the Youth under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen.
                 On October 18, 1983 Her Majesty the Queen mentioned to the Princess’s family that Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) is the distinctive lady who has contributed enormously to the country.
                 Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagaridra (H.R.H.The King ‘s elder sister) also mentioned about Princess Prem(Ngarmchit that the princess projects and life long contribution were so numerous that Her Royal Highness could not list the entire and complete projects whenever recalled.
                 The Princess had never ignored and would teach and train other organization members to further manage the project and programs; and also many of these people are now famous for their social welfare activities.
                 Until the last breath of her life, the Princess still thought of other people. Even when the Princess was hospitalized, her mind and her conscious thinking was always for the benefit of the society. The people who paid a visit to the Princess while hospitalized were requested to donate scholarship fund rather than sending flowers.
    5. Full lists of her works and /or action
    5.1 Education
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) gave special importance to education as she believed that education can create human being and human being can build the nation. Good and quality education will create good and capable human being in order to benefit people, society and the country.
                 Therefore, the Princess put her full effort to encourage people especially the youth who will be the human power and the future of the nation to receive quality education which covers perception study, buddhistic of education, moral education, physical education, and handicraft education.
                 Hence, Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) also founded Ruamchit Normklao Foundation for the poor and underprivilege youth, to attend school from kindergarden, primary, secondary, vocational and higher education.
                 Every province governors are assigned as the chairman of the educational fund committee of each provincial. Their duty is to gather and distribute the fund to poor students in the province. Wives of the provincial governors are assigned as chief of the Youth Supporting Committee of each province. Their duty is to take care of the student who received the fund and keep track of their education, behavior and help them with their problems.
                  Ruamchit Nomklao Foundation for Youth committee received the royal kindness of Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali of Thailand to be the head of the committee, allowing the committee to receive supports from different sectors, from the government, private sectors and from people making committee operation successful.
    5.2 Culture
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) supports national culture and regional culture on the idea that culture is the way of life. People who have the good quality of life must have good culture in both physical and mental aspects.
                 By distributing fund to poor students, not only this help them to become educated, but this also implant them good and appropriate culture, like culture on living their lives, culture on working, culture on living in society, culture on democracy as user of their own rights and performer of their own duties, be reasonable, know how to listen to others, and make themselves useful to nation, religion and the royal family which is the core of the strong nation.
    5.3 Religion
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) gave exceptional importance to religions because Princess Ngarmchit thinks that people must possess not only knowledge but also ethic. Religions play important part in teaching ethic and give something to people to hold on to spiritually. This make people kind, sympathetic, selfless, and honest.
                 From that reason, Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) decided to support people, especially students who have knowledge and understanding on their own religions.
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) has supported Buddhist Novices Ordination Successor Project The project started in 1983. The funding committee asked different provinces to select poor students who wish to enter monkhood to be heir of Buddhist. They entered monkhood and study Pali Course. The project was satisfactorily successful. Many aspiring participating students received educational fund.
                 Ruamchit Normklao Foundation for Youth also set up Mental Development Youth Camp which the funded students participate in it at Thepratan Temple, Soidao district, Chantaburee province every year. The camp is for 7 days. It lectures on Buddhist’s dharma and meditation. The camp is a great success, yearly.
    5.4 Social Welfare
                 The increasing population, fluctuating economy and society caused the poor, the under privileged, the oppressed, and the handicapped to increase. The government couldn’t give a thorough help so the government also needs support from public organizations and volunteers.
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) started social work for people who can’t help themselves by founding the Foundation for the Welfare of the Crippled under the Royal Patronage of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother and The Foundation for the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded of Thailand under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen In 1971, Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) also founded The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand and received the royal kindness from His Majesty the King as supporter and Her Majesty the Queen as Honorary President.
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) applied His Majesty the King’s royal teaching as the as principle of doing Social Welfare works. The principle is to help others both physically and mentally. Once the receiver can help themselves, they will continue to help others in the future.
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) encouraged and supported to set up vary volunteer groups to promote the spirit of volunteering, to train people on of volunteering and how to help others in need. The government designated October 21 of every year which is Her Majesty the Queens Srinagarindra‘s Birthday a Thai Volunteer day. On this day, there will be a conference of volunteer from every part of Thailand and there will be awarding for the Outstanding Volunteers with exceptional performance.
    5.5 Human Development
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) holds that the development of human resource is the most important work. As humans are indispensable resource of society and nation, countries with quality and moral citizens are indeed the developed countries, while the least developed or developing countries are full of the low quality nationals.
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) believes that in developing quality and moral citizens, it is necessary to comprehensively improve all of the following aspects:
                 1) Physical improvement for healthy living
                 2) Education improvement for sufficient knowledge
                 3) Spiritual improvement for the mind without greed, anger, and ignorance
                 4) Improvement of wisdom for the ability to tell right from wrong
                 5) Behavioral improvement for the culture of good citizens who refrain from harming others, contribute to the society and nation, and being loyal to the nation, religion, and monarchy.
    5.6 Community Development
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) paid great attention to community development. She saw that most people in the rural areas were poor and under priviledged. These groups of people are uneducated, so they are often being taken advantage of. Above all, they are unable to develop the strong and self-reliant community.
                 Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) founded the Foundation for Rural Development Co-ordinating Center. This organization facilitates knowledge and skills providing for rural folks in their cooperation to develop their own communities. They have learned essential skills in community planning, programming for community developmental projects such as the career-building project, saving project, income-increasing project and the setting-up of cooperatives.
    Notable Key Activities of the Princess Prem (Ngarmchit ) Purachatra During Her Presidency (1979-1983)
                 1. Coordination with “National Economics and Social Development Board (NESDB)and other Thailand’s key Private or NGO Organizations to achieve the goals as be planned by the Thai Government effectively. The main target is for “Development Cooperation” with local and global Private Organizations as to the long term progress planned outlines set by NESDB.
                 2. The Foundation served as the key Organization together with the Thai Government (plus UN, NGO and Medias) in Coordinating Thailand “Local Rural Community Leaders Meetings”. The “International Exhibition” of local products or Handicrafts was held in 1980. The key meeting of global “Rural Community Leaders” (CONEX 81) was successfully held by The Foundation in 1981. Both Activities led to the awareness and necessity for “Rural Development” leading to the increased income and better life quality, being participated by Government as well as the Private or NGO Organizations worldwide. Thus the UN sponsored (CONEX 81) rural and local Handicrafts are now under both the King and the Queen’s “Royal Patronages”.
                 3. Princess Prem ( Ngarmchit ) Purachatra played the key role and main supporter for the “Rural Development” in line with the policy outline of Community Development Department (CDD) with the success outcome. At the later period of NESDB’s 4th outlined policy (1981-82) it was modified and adopted as the Thai Government major policy to fight rural poverty and also to narrow the gap between the urban and the rural (the income gap). This was reinforced via “Cooperation” among 4 ministries (Interior, Education, Agriculture, and Public Health) with the active participation and decision made by the locals for the best outcome or solution of their own inherent problems. Additionally, the follow up of CONEX 81 was funded by UNFPA (UN Agency) with the input of CDD. This was actively participated by several Organizations of note (The National Council of Women of Thailand-NCWT, POPULATION AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION – PDA, and others). Personnel at village level from the 4 major ministries of 30 different provinces (1440 persons) were trained with satisfactory results.
                 The fruitful impact of this well planned “Training” is evidenced by strong “Interest and Enthusiasm” shown by village council leaders to realize this new approach for “Effective Rural Development”. They can write down the plan and initiate the village or rural development as to their own problems and the solution or needs with their active inputs. This help leading to the smooth and effective joint efforts among all participated, both the state officials and local village council leaders. The outcome serves as the blueprint for the present Rural Development plan comprising 6 ministries and 2 NGO. Princess Prem ( Ngarmchit ) Purachatra has actively lectured in all these events and closely observed to follow and assess the progress with satisfaction. The then CDD Director has affectionately named her the world’s great leader and motivator for the “Effective Rural Development”.
                 4. The Foundation has actively coordinated with “National Economics and Social Development Board (NESDB) and other key Private or NGO Organizations in Thailand to implement as the Thai Government’s key policy on Rural Development with strong supports or inputs from the Private and NGO Organizations. This is officially outlined and laid out in the NESDB’s 5th plan issued (1982-86) and effectively adopted the conducts with the success outcome as to now.
                 5. Executive summary of the above accomplishments can be summarized as Princess Prem ( Ngarmchit ) Purachatra ’s great intelligence and bold initiative to make the “Effective Rural Development” a reality and true to the needs of poor rural Thailand. With active cooperation of NESDB and ministries, the achievement is the synergistic outcome of Princess Prem ( Ngarmchit ) Purachatra ’s input and untiring effort.
                 The Foundation for Rural Development Co-ordinating Center organizes the annual competition for the best handicraft villages and outstanding community leaders. The prizes are awarded on the 18th of October – the Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) Purachatra memorial day. Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali presides over the award ceremony every year.
                  In Conclusion, Princess Prem(Ngarmchit) Purachatra - a Thai woman who leads international women – is a person fully qualified as a social worker, social developer, and one of the great sacrificers of the world. She is a visionary leader for her initiation of several national charity projects since fifty years ago. These projects support governmental works and they are indispensable for the present situation. Princess Ngarmchit’s projects are honored in the international level, contributing greatly to the development of humans, society, and Thai nation. She is indeed the role model and inspiration to Thai women of the next generations in self-improvement, self-sacrificial spirit at work, maintenance of the international standard, and moral living for the most revered institutions for Thais – the nation, religion, and monarchy.